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HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, SQL

Creation of readable code using best practices and leaning toward full stack web development.


Thumbnails, Wireframes, UML, User Personas

Utilizing the design process, creation of Interesting and effective solutions to user interfaces.

Digital Assets

Products, Portraits,
Photo Editing

Creating and optimizing images, icon systems, photography, and other project assets.

Server Management

Databases, Configuration, Virtual Hosts

Setting up and maintaining websites through the command line on Linux

Software / Additional Skills

Adobe® Creative Cloud
Ruby on Rails
Source control (git)


Normalized Database Design
Command Line Knowledge (bash)
User Experience Design
Gulp / Grunt build systems


SalesPad LLC

UX/UI Designer / Front-End Developer

Tailoring the User Experience and design of user interfaces for web applications, as well as assisting in front-end development.

The Pioneer Group

Web Design, Prepress, Ad Design

Development of interactive web applications, command line scripting, and prepress and graphic design for internal and external clients.

Ferris State University, College of Business

Web Design / Development

Created content management and admin interfaces for existing websites using php, html, javascript and css.

Studio W / Wesco

Production Artist

Produced large quantities of signs and promotional materials. Created large displays, applied vinyl graphics, and vehicle wrap graphics.

Design Project Center

Web Design Team Member

Worked on a student design team to gather user research, create information architecture, and design a new wordpress based CMS for the College of Arts and Sciences at Ferris State University.

PrintWorx Plus

Graphic Designer

Traditional print design of business cards, brochures, annual reports.


Ferris State University

Newaygo County Career Tech Center

Continuous Eduction



Skills USA Michigan

1st Place in Bulletin Board Design

Technology Showcase

Newaygo County, 1st Place for 3d Modeling / Physics presentation

National Gutenberg

Process Color/Electronic Publishing 1st Place & Best of Show



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Qbjaybnq .CQS