Web Software Engineer


Ruby / Rails / React.js / Postgresql

Primarily backend development on Evidation's clinical research platform. Providing custom development support to study builders. Product development including finite state machines, API development, external API integrations, and dealing with large data.


Ruby / Rails / Stimulus.js / Postgresql

Full stack development of tools and components on Zaarly’s home services professional market platform using shape up methodology and data to measure success. Responsible for implementation of features, data metrics tools, automation, and helping Zaarly to scale to new market places.


Ruby / Rails / React.js / Postgresql

Full stack web development in Ruby on Rails and React.js. Maintained uptime through deployments. Modernizing the front end framework. Managed large datasets. Implemented and improved the public and private JSON API.

Linux Academy

Ruby / Rails / Angular / AWS / Docker

Development of Ruby APIs using Rails 5 micro-services and Angular. Team lead for CloudAssessments and CloudCraft. Responsible for holding daily stand ups, code reviews, and continuous deployment.


Ruby / Rails / UI / Angular / Capistrano

Full stack web development of a medical screening application using Angular2+, and Ruby on Rails. Responsibilities included creating APIs, Front End web components, Design implementation and deployment using Capistrano.

SalesPad LLC

Front-End / Angular.js / UX/UI Design

Development and implementation of front end web components for B2B E.R.P. Software as a service, using Angular.js. Experience working with existing APIs. Front end build systems, and Design implementation.

The Pioneer Group

Ruby on Rails / Wordpress / Design

Development of interactive web applications, in PHP and Ruby on Rails. Command line scripting automation for prepress systems. Development of email marketing news application for syndication of news to subscribers.

Design Project Center

Web Design / Development

Worked on a student lead team to gather user research, create information architecture, and design a new CMS based website for the College of Arts and Sciences at Ferris State University.

iOS Development: Speed Reader

Objective-c / iOS

Developed and released an independent iOS application written in Objective-C that helped users read faster by reducing saccadic eye movements by displaying single words in succession. Speed Reader

Web Software Development

Backend, Frontend, Deployment, Managment, Automation

Development of web software projects and tasks, using scrum and agile methodologies.

Project planning, Development design

Diagrams, Thumbnails, Wireframes

Creation of development assets including diagrams, wireframes, user flow, and component design.

Dev Ops, Deployment & Automation

Image optimization, Build scripts,
Docker, AWS, Capistrano

Setting up and maintaining websites through Capistrano, Docker, AWS, Linux, and macOs

Technologies, Frameworks, Testing, & Software

Ferris State University

N.C. Career Tech

  • GRDE 316 Interactive Design and Development
  • GRDE 320 Communication Design
  • ENGL 325 Advanced Writing for Business
  • GRDE 328 Interactive Design Studio
  • MGMT 301 Applied Management
  • GRDE 420 Visual Communication
  • GRDE 422 Design Application
  • PREL 240 Public Relations Principles
  • GRDE 312 Production Techniques
  • MKTG 321 Principles of Marketing

Continuous education

  • Ruby on Rails Essential Training
  • Learning Angular.js
  • Foundations of Programming: Databases
  • JavaScript Essential Training
  • Designing RESTful APIs
  • Programming Foundations: Refactoring Code
  • Swift Programming Language First Look
  • Programming Foundations: Object-Oriented Design
  • Programming Foundations: Design Patterns
  • Programming Foundations: Test-Driven Development
  • Programming Foundations: Data Structures
  • Git Essential Training
  • Cocoa Essential Training
  • Objective-C Essential Training
  • Ruby Essential Training