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College of Arts and Sciences


A complete re-brand of the FSU College of Arts & Sciences website and brand. This FSU Design Project Center client project will set a standard for the rest of the university in how they approach their web presence online. Through extensive content architecture, competitive audits and user research, we redesigned the web experience for the college of arts and sciences.

Target Audience

Prospective Students, Current Students, Community Members, Donors, and Faculty/Staff members.


Attention spans in the online world are a very precious commodity. The previous FSU College of Arts & Sciences website suffers from information bloat and lack of curb appeal. Prospective students and other users alike are unlikely to put for the effort required to engage with the website.

Value Proposition

By rethinking content in the mindset of the main user types as identified by our research. We were able to redesign the web experience of FSU College of Arts & Sciences, increasing visual impact, ease of use, and user engagement. Through periodic updates of news items, stories and events we are able to more closely integrate the experience into students’ everyday life and make a more significant connection to the community.


Working with a professional copywriter, in-depth stories were created for a recurring connection with the target audience.