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Milestones, a step oriented todo list application. Milestones not only keeps tracks of your steps and progress, but it also helps you get things done by planning the steps in between. A comprehensive list of steps means you’ll never be stuck scratching your head about what to do next. Through sharing your todo lists with other users, everyone will gain some insight on how to accomplish a certain task.

Target Audience

People with large workloads, Self educators, Students, Post grads, Do-it-yourselfers and professionals.


People are busy. We don’t always have the time to sit down and plan every aspect of a task. Or we don’t always know the next step. Todo lists are often overlooked or not considered. But they have the potential to increase our productivity dramatically, if implemented correctly. What can we do to create a better todo list experience?

Value Proposition

To provide a better todo list experience. Milestones seeks to fill in the blanks to the hard tasks, and remember the steps to reproduce the tasks we find ourselves doing everyday. The granular nature of the recursive list items means you can be as brief or as verbose as you feel is necessary. Shared lists means that you and other Milestones users will both be working toward something greater than can be accomplished by your individual selves.

Application Diagram

Milestones is about describing the steps necessary to complete a project. The unique structure of nested list items lets you get as granular, or as simple as the project requires


When the user has no projects, they are welcomed with a motivational quote

Projects Overview

An overview of the top-level projects is presented on the home screen.

Project Detail

Projects subtasks are listed underneath the parent task.