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Common Ground


A marriage of technology and Nature. Common Ground is a park for the modern age. Our goal is to invite people to stay healthy and have fun doing it. You may have gotten a high score on that video game, but can you get a high score at Common Ground?

Target Audience

Young adults, and middle aged professionals.


Adult’s lifestyles don’t typically have a healthy amount of daily activity. Many of these adults don’t perceive activity as enjoyable. Public parks are often not maintained or safe.

Value Proposition

Common Ground is a branded park experience that will be applied to existing community parks. Common ground Integrates a user interface to blend technology and activity. The park is open to the public but the experience can be enhanced with a membership.

Experience Design

Common Ground is all about the experience. This map is an example of the typical layout of a Common Ground park and all of it's amenities

Profile page

Users of common ground have a unique profile page where they can view their badges and achievements, connect with friends, or view their reservations for park facilities.