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People have a need for safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products. This new line of cleaning products will provide an alternative from one of the most trusted and recognized brands: Proctor & Gamble. People can be assured that this brand’s mission is authentic compared to companies that have been accused of green washing.

Target Audience

Homemakers, Health and environmentally concerned adults.


Proctor and Gamble is a leading brand name in home cleaning and personal care products. Though lately, they have been accused of green washing. PG has seen competitors break into the new market for environmental and human friendly products. PG now recognizes the need for a new line of authentic green products that will fill the market gap and satisfy the environmental agencies.

Value Proposition

To develop an identity for a new line of environmentally friendly products from Proctor & Gamble that appeals to an environmentally conscious consumer base and communicates an authentic message consisting of PG’s core values. And to develop some core touch points related around this new brand such as an e-commerce.

Conceptual Logo

The Vitas logo is about sustainability. The two leaf shapes form an infinity symbol that represents the brand's core values of sustainability.

Business System

The brand's application spans across all related media.